Commerical Electrician Projects

Below is a list of previous commercial electrical contracts that have been awarded to commercial electricians Amber Electrical Contractors. With experience, dedication and professionalism each and every one of these electrical or construction projects were carried out, completed on time, and within budget.

American Paint Horse New 2 Story Facility
Arlington Presbyterian New facility
American Southwest Ins. New 2 Story Office Facility
Bridgford Foods Plant Addition, Automated Storage System
Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Multi-floor Tenant Remodel, Computer Command Center, including 900KW
Generator Backup & UPS System
Caremark Call Center, 340 stations, 750kw generator, office area
Careflight Generator installation
Carter-Burgess tower Tenant Finish & Service Work
City of Lancaster Several generator installations
Greenway Village New 7 story Retirement Center And 2 story Alzheimer Building
Gulfstream Hanger & Office Upgrade Jet Engine Repair
Garden Ridge 160,000 Sq. Ft. Bldg
Hagar Containers Container Mfg.
Harris Methodist Southwest New 5 story BED Tower ER Renovation, ICU Pharmacy, Physical therapy
Haverty’s Distribution & Retail 295,000 Sq.Ft. Distribution & Retail Center
Hitachi Semiconductor DI Water project
Hospice of Ft. Worth New hospice facility
Iron Mountain Document Storage Facility
Lewisville Ind. School District New Natatorium facility, Misc. Projects
Little Elm Baptist Church New facility
Marriott 8 story hotel with adjacent commercial building
McKinney Aerospace New Hanger / Office Facility McKinney Airport
Medtronics 80,000 sq. ft. new construction with finish out office and manufacturing plant
Northridge Presbyterian Church New Sanctuary and Offices
Pizza Inn Headquarters New Corporate Offices and Distribution Warehouse Facility
Rapp Collins New 2 Story complete with high end finishes
Raytheon Various plant remodels Including Clean Rooms, Manufacturing, Office
Richardson Medical Center Doctor’s Office & Therapy Rooms
Rockwall Church of Christ New facility
St. Francis Episcopal Church New Facility
Tenet Headquarters Corporate Offices
Texas Instruments Production Areas, Computer Rooms, Clean Rooms, Office Areas, DI water Systems, Fleet Maintenance, Cooling Systems, Explosion Proof Areas, Scrubber Yard, Hangar, Class I Clean Room Equipment Hook up
University of Texas at Dallas Generator, Data Center, UPS, Outdoor lighting
U.S. Secret Service New generator at Crawford Ranch
Verizon Facility Upgrades & Computer Rooms
Woodland West Church of Christ Expansion of Existing Facility
YMCA Coppell New Facility